Yuca Bar-aLpHaBeT cItY NY, Surprise

well what a cool place
i got a real surprise when i showed up and i saw two friends of lester’s
then later i saw his other friend and her main squeeze
then a little later i saw the friend’s brother and sister-in-law
finally my sister appeared

my birthday dinner

oh and at the end of the meal, two peeps we knew from a while back arrived-better later than never
what a nice surprise and then a few other people also said well wishes through text

the food was good
i had an arepa and then shrimp risotto in red peppers
the arepa i loved but the risotto in the pepper-it was a little bit of a mush fest after it had cooled to room temp, and the subsequent bites after the first three did not satisfy me as much
i ate it not to waste it-it just was not for me, but an interesting combination

the food was well presented though
my sister had a mushroom arepa i believe, among other things

we all shared (not me, just to my bf), but others shared to us-tostones, fried plantains and bruschetta
i even tasted (i think my second time) the yucca fries

everyone enjoyed their meal and we were lucky to be able to all sit together

the place is a little loud so you have to talk an octive higher
it is crowded, so getting there anytime between 5 and 8:30 is a little nightmarish-come early or late
the service is good though
i would revisit and try a meal this time, though ordering from the tapas menu twice is a way to get variety and not have to commit to large portions

on a scale of 1-10, i would say a 6.5 to 7
if it were not for my risotto it may have been a 7

Viva Espana–y Viva la Mexico


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