Max’s of Manila-Jersey City

So we went to Max’s of Manila for my bfs birthday. It was in the heart of Jersey City. It was in a heavily or maybe just that street, Filipino area. It is a decent size as it had an upstairs and downstairs. It was clean and open. It was not like most of the restaurants here. It just felt different with the tiled walls and smooth polished concrete or slate floors. The staff was quick to please.

On the menu-CHOP SUI, LUMPIA, RICE, CHICKEN, CARI CARI (EGGPLANT AND OXTAIL), NOODLES, BISTEC, AND CORN SOUP. For dessert each person chose what he/she wanted. Since I am not a Filipino food expert I was only able to judge the LUMPIA. It was gross to me. It reminded me of the cafeteria egg rolls we had in elementary school. That was my only gripe. My bfs mom makes it better. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 5.5 overall .

Here is how I ranked.
Distance 5
Atmosphere 6
Food comparatively speaking 5

That is just me.
Ciao and let me know of any cool places you visit.


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