Fun times with food.

So at my weekend gig I was almost at the end of my shift, when we (other girl and I) were upended. The next shift guy was already encroaching on our space and so we were scrambling to clean up. Since we were cleaning up, we had removed much of the supplies. Then as I am walking away a ticket comes in. It is for a sticky bun I believe. Then on the way back there was order for pancakes and a grilled cheese sandwich—my station again.

For the pancakes, I was able to cook them then realized they had not grown dark but as long as they were cooked we were okay. Then I made the grilled cheese and noticed that the mayo did not truly melt and so there was only a slight browning. I put the grilled cheese in the oven as per our normal routine to melt the cheese and re-energize the bacon. I checked the bottom when done and realized that the bread had not crisped up not turned brown. I went back to the grill. I realized nothing was happening. Unbeknown to me, the grill was off. Yes it had been shut off-end of brunch, clean up routine, the change over to mid day menus. So I had to give to the chef-de-cuisine to make, because I had touched it and it felt warm and the mayo had not cooked off. He oiled up a heavy frying pan and went to work. All I was worried about was if the pancakes I had prepared were getting cold. No complaints though so we just left that alone.
Note to self—always check the grill. That was like earlier when I had the syrup warming on the grill. I poured it into the container and thought, oh it is smoking—like hot oil. (so help the clumsy customer) 

That’s it. Fun time is over for now. 🙂


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