Baking for Networking

So what a day I had. Well it actually started 2 nights ago when I started my baking. I had attained, through friendly legal means of course, a butterscotch recipe from my weekend gig. I never claimed it as my own and totally plugged the place as a result.

I had decided originally to do some puff pastry stuffed with a bunch of stuff (chocolate, pecans, walnuts), the brownies, pecans bites and possibly my tarts (signature item). A week before I tried the pastries with some stuff and well the only one that came out okay was the pecan roll. (Naturally, I love pecans.) So on Sunday evening I prepared the butterscotch recipe and then put in the fridge as this is what I saw the pastry chef so. As I put them on the sheet the consistency at times was weird. ( I may need to play with this a bit.) I baked about 100 plus cookies. I then made the pecan bites. These are a favorite which I did at an NYWCA session, cooking with kids. It is easy and I have not flubbed any batches yet. So I rocked those out. On Monday I did the brownies and was satisfied. After that I ate and was on the cusp of just cleaning up and relaxing. Because I am superWOman, I decided to go for it. So I made my tarts. Let’s just say I went to bed at around 1:30.

The story continues in other blog entry.

Next time get some sleep.
Ciao for now.


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