Tipsy Parson–9th ave, 19/20 streets

we had the ——
Hush Puppies {7} w warm pimento cheese
Fudge Family Farms Pork Roulade {25}
Rockland Plantation stone ground grits, braised greens, ham jam, pork jus
It came with jalapeno cornbread (I think) and a jam to start.

The place was filled-front had a marble bar with tables on the side.
In the back was the formal dining room.
People kept coming in. (bottomless pit) The hostess was in the middle of the space so all the people kind of past the bar to get to her. I wonder how it would have been if she were upfront.
We left around 9:45 ish-place was hopping.
3 bartenders
1 host

We had reserved but arrived there late so we had to wait 10-15 min or we could eat at the bar, which we did. The bathroom was pretty and had the same design as used on the check trays and on the website. Though the bathrooms were dark, they were comfortable and homish.

It was not so quiet, but we were pretty close that we did not have to yell. You had the people at the bar, who seemed to be more quiet than the vocal guests at the row of tables behind us. It was quiet from the dining room. (Different crowd and temperament.)

The meal was filling, different, and well presented. It consisted of grits on the bottom, pulled pork that was formed into a patty and then on top was a ham jam, finished off with some chives I think. It was a large portion. We both fought to fit it in. Mind you, we had 2 hush puppies each, prior to that and I had a piece of cornbread. My bf had a soda.

Lets talk about the soda for a minute. When you order soda from Applebees, Fridays etc, you get a really big glass and the drink is like 2.5 to 3 dollars and strong. We got a soda that cost 3 dollars each time and we were getting like a fourth or fifth of the normal amount. Man they really wanted to make money on the drinks.

-Back to the meal.- The grits were somewhat gritty but had a soft flavor. The pork was semi-melt in your mouth. A tad bit of something would have made it extraordinary. The ham jam was a nice complement to the pork but at that point I would have rather a more savory jam than a sweeter one. We ate 90% of it, maybe 95% but we were also sharing the dish. For 25 bucks it was kind of worth it.

The people were nice and attentive. It is definitely popular. Be prepared to choke up about 70 bucks if you have an appetizer, entrée and drinks.
1-10, I would say a 6. (points lost for drink expense, and pork could have been topped with a slightly more savory jam). I would still highly recommend it. You can chill in the bar portion and have a full dinner and drinks-just at a higher decibel.

Till then, happy eating .


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