Tilapia Mania

Tilapia, Pureed carrots and potatoes, sautéed spinach or sautéed string beans


Tilapia-corn meal ¼ to 1/2 cup, 1-3 pcs of sage, ½ tsp cilantro, salt, pepper (to taste)—edit to add butter, increase the sage and take out the cornmeal, cook in a broiler

Carrots and potatoes: 3 carrots, 1 potato, salt and pepper to taste, ¼ tsp of nutmeg, ¼ cup milk or half of
that (add tblsp at a time and check consistency)

String beans: finely sliced garlic, pinch of salt, 1 tblsp. of water or white wine, a little bit of butter at the end
(regular string beans -12 pcs or 24 pcs of French string beans—how much you want to eat)

Spinach: finely sliced garlic, pinch of salt, I tblsp of white wine or water
(be careful pouring the wine as you have an open flame—if you use a gas stove)

Sauce for on top of fish: ¼ cup white wine, ½ cup water (chick/fish stock), ¼ cup of finely chopped shallots/onions, 1 tblsp of butter (or as much as you need to make it smooth looking)

Or tomato concasse (tomatoes with the insides taken out and cut into tiny cubes)-1cup, 1/2 cup sliced onions, with some garlic and parsley- 1 cup of milk and ¼ cup of water, s n p, let it sit for a few minutes on low—nice on top of the fried fish—just a drop

1) one or two fillets, put some salt and pepper and let sit
2) get some corn meal for coating and finely chop up some sage and cilantro-mix all together
3) coat the tilapia and then let it sit for a while

Pureed Carrots and Potatoes
1) boil 3 carrots, and 1 medium potato (a little bigger than your fist)
2) make sure boiled completely—then put in blender and add maybe ¼ cup of milk or cream (just enough to have make slightly wet so that it is just pureed but is not runny (if you pick up in a spoon and turn spoon upside down, the mix should drop VERY slowly or not really)
3) you can put butter and any seasonings to your taste

Get a serving of spinach /string beans (beans serving is 12 regular or 24 French string beans)
1) sauté with some garlic and maybe a pinch of salt
2) you can do the string beans the same way
3) add some water if the garlic seems to be burning—just enough so that the garlic is not sticking to pan
and end with about 1 tsp of butter

Finish Tilapia
1) fry till a little brown and it is cooked all the way
2) take the tilapia out of the pot and remove some excess oil—keep some of the oil
3) add the onions/shallots and let it cook till transparent (clear), then add the wine and let sit for a little, then add the water (you don’t have to), let it mix together well and reduce the amount a little over the heat, then add the butter and stir—let it sit for a while till a little thick and this is to put on top of the fish (will be less than ¼ cup of liquid) (keep more oil and add more wine if you want more sauce)

More Fun with Tilapia

Tilapia, String beans and rice pilaf
3-4 servings of tilapia
½ a lemon, 1 tblsp ginger chopped, white wine to suit, 1/2 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 tblsp curry
3 cloves of garlic chopped
36 pieces of string beans, cut in half with ends off
1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes-chopped in small strips, @ 1/2 inch long
1/2 cup red peppers-chopped in small cubes
2 cups of rice
1/2 cup green peas
1/2 cup of carrot chopped into small squares (peppers, tomatoes and carrots all the same size)
1 tsp -1 tblsp of butter

Prepare Tilapia
1)season Tilapia with enough parsley (tsp), salt, black pepper
2)lightly grease oven ready container, then add fish, then add white wine to come half way up, and add about a full squeeze of lemon on top of Tilapia and around it
3)add minced garlic and ginger (1 tsp of each)-put some under the fish as well in the wine
4)cook in oven for about 20 minutes on 350 or till desired flavor

1)Put about 2 cups of rice in an oven proof container, in it put about ½ cup each of chopped red peppers, celery, green peas and chopped carrots—add 2.5 -3 cups of water.
2)Let rice cook for about 30-40 minutes on 350. Check after about 20 to see how fast is cooking and adjust time.

3)In a small frying/sautee pan, heat up some oil and add some chopped garlic. Also add sun-dried tomatoes. Then add the string beans and let sear, may get a slight browning-that is okay. Add some butter then it is off the fire.

Feedback time–can you follow this? My head hurts each time I read it.



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