Wildwood Barbeque Restaurant


We had an official movie night recently. We were actually stationed up the street from Blue Smoke but walked down Park Ave and then saw Bid Daddy’s Diner. It was one of these nouveau diners with lots of young people inside (all staff), and I got a queasy feeling on the outside so there was no way I would be going inside.

We walked further and though we had already chosen Cosi in our head, we ended up going to Wildwood Barbeque. So without much speaking we decided to go in. I am not a fan of tight tables as I think it makes it intimate but that is not always wanted. It is winter as well, I had a jacket meant to brave the cold so it was long and fat and I had to fit in a small space. Ever been to BLUE NOTE–cozy but not with a coat.

Our waiter was very helpful and he even helped us pick out a dessert. I must admit that the apple pie was good. It was in a bowl usually used for French Onion Soup but not so potbellied. The warm (not overly sweet) apples were just the right texture and covered with what felt like crust just broken up. On top of that was a scoop of ice cream (not overly sweet). It did not melt quickly also.

We had a sample platter with ribs, pulled pork and then bacon. On the side we had brussel sprouts and mac & cheese. They were both good and the meat was satisfying enough. The portion for one was enough for the both of us.

Back to the apple pie, I had a friend stay at a hotel in Manhattan, one of these large ones on Broadway and the apple crisp we had there was so amazing. It did not even come with ice cream. Amazing-such that we totally ignored the pear tart that we also ordered. The serving was large enough for two.

So the experience was okay. I enjoyed the meal. I would say 7 out of 10. 7 because of the awesome waiter. We even filled out cards for him pointing that out.

Until next time-we go an apple pie/tart/crisping. (or eat out)


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