A. J.’s Burgers

Burgers and Fries-an American classic, just as oysters are to the people of Normandy France. Though I am not a fan of mollusk, I have to say, it definitely smells good when cooked right. I once dipped much bread into the white wine sauce made with the mussels and clams. Everyone seems to deride me when I say do not like that stuff. They claim that as a culinarian I should like everything and try everything. In time, I believe. If I want to I will and if I need to I shall or bargain my way out of it. My claim is that, as long as I can prepare it for others, I do not need to eat a pot full of mussels to prove anything.

Back to the burgers and fries discussion, which I like but in small doses. Even popular food has its limits. I have to crave it, like after a wacky work week and trying people. Then I can feel satisfied. Now it is not the Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s or Burger King kind that excites me. See, I feel sorry for all those who cannot afford alternatives. Lucky enough, I can eat others as a choice. This past weekend I ate AJs burgers. The owner, AJ, was nice and welcoming and he could see that I was having difficulties with choosing. Sometimes there is too much on the menu (good or bad) and other times I am so tired and lazy, having to now examine a large menu and choose is like an eternity. So I just caved, though I would have normally gone for the chicken, on account of lower calories and fat. I ordered the sliders. Can I just say how pleased I was with them—right off the grill, juicy with simple toppings-cheese, pickle and ketchup. I had some fresh cut fries on the side and a lemonade.

You get that feeling of glazed eyes, peace, and all is well with the world feeling. When that happens, you have met a good meal. For me, I say AJs is good, sticking with a classic, simple food and not turning it into an art and science contest. That is what every neighborhood needs and a good pastry and breakfast place. People need to feel all warm and fuzzy in their own town. They need a place to hang/chill/relax, like a Starbucks, without the commercial factor. Thank you AJs. I will remember you when I want my burger and fries. Also at 9 bucks for a meal and around there, it is not a bust on the wallet.

On a scale of 1-10, I give AJs a 7.5. I like the relaxed burger joint atmosphere and the friendliness of the owner (naturally as it is fairly new). The portions are decent

Happy Beef Day! Ciao for now.


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