Sweet Grass Grill-Tarrytown,NY

• Sweet Grass Grill
January 15, 2011
So the plan was to meet a girl friend up in Tarrytown at a small restaurant, not too expensive but with a somewhat friendly menu as she does not eat meat. So we settled on Sweet Grass Grill on Main Street, a cozy feel with wood everything and an open bar area and visible manager. All was well until the waitress opened her mouth and then it was a wavy road after that.
1) concerning the tea pot—“do you guys know how to use this” –it is a tea pot my dear, you could have been brief and quieter, just motioning us to push down
2) the tea cup my friend received had brown rings around the inside –I choke this up to lack of care about appearance and a possible hint about quality
3) somewhere between sandwich preparation and reaching the table, a little crawling fly was trapped on the side of my bread—I removed it as it looked like it recently landed—I was excited to eat my sandwich so I refused to make a big stink—it was not cooked into my food
4) she says “are you okay”, but not in a friendly way

Off the menu we had the chamomile tea to start –me rather, my friend decided not to partake on account of the cup issues. For my brunch I had a tofu peanut-encrusted burger on brioche with what looked like random greens. I took those off promptly as it was not so fresh looking and I know some people tend not to wash them or wash them well. It was fairly good and topped with blue cheese and then a sweet and sour apricot glaze.
My friend has the crab cakes with a poached egg. She though it could be a little more, but I reminded her that it was not a dinner size portion. I guess though she felt she could have eaten more.
So in the end we left no tip but the waitress smiled at on the way out. Maybe she realized she could not give us attitude with her boss 3 feet away.

Waitress attitude—4
Attitude towards cleanliness and appearance–5

My friend vowed never to visit. I on the other hand may but I will now be on the watch for anything that I find “un-restaurantly.”


One thought on “Sweet Grass Grill-Tarrytown,NY

  1. I forgot all about the fly in your food! Everytime that I walk by, I see people…looking like they’re enjoying their meal so maybe it was just my luck. Regarding the meal portion, it was the size of an appetizer. If I would have known this, I would have went in there with that expectation. Since I had not eaten yet I was HUNGRY. Your serving was way more substantial 🙂 There’s other restaurants in town we should try.

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