Cucina and Co.- A Patina Group Restaurant

take out it is–actually it was cold outside on Dec 20th
Cucina & Co in Grand Central Station

some friends were in town and we wanted to hang with them for a little but my friend was sickly so we opted to stay in their room

for me two nights in a row eating out
i wanted to go to the restaurant but the circumstances made it that we would be eating in so we hit up the hot buffet-a bunch of things-none really good for you
i got good old fashion comfort food: turkey with stuffing and then my other half got chicken fingers and potato wedges(which I selected)

it was satisfying enough and i would do it again
the place also had pastries, cookies, and some little odds and ends–perfect for when you are on your way home–you can grab food and a snack , dessert for after

the people were friendly
it is not super cheap but reasonable enough
i wait to try out the restaurant

on a scale of 1-10, i say about a 6
it was good enough for its purpose, but nothing spectacular

to simple eats–keep them coming
ciao for now

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