Weekend Activities–pre-Christmas–A reflection

Well I was to prepare for guests on Saturday the 18th. I had no idea who was really coming and we had changed the date to accommodate people’s schedule. What happened in the end was that we had 7 people almost by accident. Not even free food can get people out and decent food at that. I am not a mean person, but all I can say is “you only get a few invitations.”

You already know what happened in the end so now here is the beginning. I had planned this menu.
Coconut Shrimp (they were not as I wanted but I learned that this kind of thing has to be served hot and cannot be kept hot-the crispness goes away and if you keep it warm in an oven it may get darker as the coconut continues to cook).
7 Layered dip-(I always alter it to be a 5 layer dip (bottom is meat n beans, then sour cream, then lettuce, then tomatoes, then cheese.) I was unsatisfied as I used a smaller container and it was not meaty enough. I also used two types of sour cream and the non fat one had a lot of water—maybe I did not mix the cream before I put it in the dish. Then it felt like too much sour cream so it was like a sour cream dip.
Home made tortilla chips to go with the dip- that was a little pain staking. I did that till about 4pm on the day of the event. It was before that, that I went to the supermarket to get more sour cream, which I should not have bought more of.
My last and I think the best was my EMPANADAS. I was so proud. I made the dough from a recipe I found in a magazine. It used cream cheese. I looked for my recipe from school and that was fruitless. This recipe had a portion of time in the fridge. I left it over night and then I rolled it out and added the fillings. When they baked they were amazing. Little ones would be excellent as finger food at a party, along with little chilly cups.

My dinner consisted of shells stuffed with pumpkin n squash with a pumpkin walnut sauce. Next time I need to go heavier on the fresh parsley, or fresh sage.
The second entrée was home-made meatballs—pork, beef and pepperoni in a basil, garlic tomato sauce. I needed more garlic and basil—maybe a pesto blend with the tomato would have made a stronger taste. I made these two nights before (then froze it, partly so that they stay fresh and also because there was no more room in my fridge).
The third entrée was curry chicken with garbonzo beans and rice. My curry is sad. I like to be able to have the juiciest chicken with a thick spicy curry. I still have a ways to go on that. This I made in a WOK. The wok is effective but I guess I did not cook the meat in really seasoned and fragrant oil–as that would make the difference.
My last entrée was painstakingly made with hot oil and the frying method. I am not sure how healthy it was after that. Cod with fries (potatoes and sweet potatoes). I had to fry that up so that it would be the fish and chips idea. I let the potatoes boil a little too much so it was kind of a mushy mess. I was going for the roasted potatoes look. (par boil then crisp up in the oven)

So I started cooking on Tuesday and stayed up late. Each night I was up till about 1 and that was a few days in a row so my body was retaliating in the day. I was so tired. It was like I had not slept in a week—coffee was not that effective.

My desserts were a pecan pie, some pecan cookies and a cake that I iced as my friend was on her way up to my apartment. That was some crutch work. In the end I ended up taking the pie to work, eating the cookies daily and sending the pie away.

Though 30 -50 people did not show up to my house I think with a little more careful planning and maybe an assistant I can pull it off. So who is ready to test me out!!!!! 🙂 🙂

I think I can handle 30-50 people. There would only be one or two entrees and I would make easier empanadas. I think it is possible to do a pasta, like gnocchi (I would have to make about 600 pieces and make them to order) and then a piece of red meat or plain mushroom sauce and then a stuffed chicken with pecans, apples raisins with roast sweet potatoes or rice and mixed beans. Dessert can be pieces of pie—individual, with individual brownies and then a scoop of gelato or regular ice cream. Lastly, there can be a cheese platter—might be too much unless they plan to linger for a few hours.

Fried anything does not last unless you fry on the spot–man I would have to have some good equipment and a few more hands to do that or pre fry the dish and then fry again–still I have to have a pretty powerful fryer so I can flash the food and send out. This is getting expensive. 😉

Okay, I am done for now.


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