Week 11-Externship…See ya later aligators

So we have come to the end of the game show called “this it not your life.” I was ready to leave as soon as I got there in the morning on my last Saturday. I however was kept very busy doing my normal activities.
(make the dressing -had to fix the consistency on that, do the salsa, cut up lots of carrots and cucumbers, helped the chef clean out the fridge only to see that he would be gone on the day of his party the following day (weird).)

I was reflecting on my time at the restaurant and realized a few things or confirmed a few things rather.
1) I like to prep–solitary activity, though I forget that time is not on my side
2) when the meal tickets come out of the machine I get so nervous and I look at tickets a few times–may not be the thing for me
3) when people work over you, literally, try to ignore them, no matter what they say as they only serve to confuse you, throw off your flow and make it harder for you-not sure why people don’t realize that having someone over your back does not make you go faster and in fact can actually make you lose concentration which becomes evident very quickly
3) always have a competent staff–I listened to our chef complain about the guys and all I could think was–tell them about themselves
4) talkers never get work done
5) when you see a guy wolf down 5 fried shrimp that came out of the food for preparation and it was done in jest, then maybe there is a problem
6) trust no one–there are only a handful of people who can actually help you; be nice to all but don’t let someone else influence what you do–
7) don’t overwork yourself-it only makes you tired, groggy, less likely to be on your game and then you cannot function outside of work
8) feeding your staff is mandatory-especially if they work five or more hours and most important if they do eight or more hours–they cannot run on breakfast-even if they ate a lot (they will have the itis most likely after they gouge themselves after starving:) )

Other than that I will take a few new recipes with me to try out and then alter to fit my needs and tastes, and also take the shortcuts with me. One can never have enough ways to become more efficient. I may or many not eat at my restaurant in the future but now I know that I would like to be an integral part of how the kitchen is run, staffed and the interaction with the restaurant staff.

So until my next stint in a kitchen-happy cooking and FYI: ICE Culinary has lots of recreational classes==wine, sweets, breads, meats.



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