Week 10 Externship–one more week to go

Here are the highlights!!

well it definitely was an eventful weekend
-had to make the sauces (tried and failed at the balsamic vinaigrette, made the mango sauce-hope it was okay, made some guava paste, did my salsa and whipped cream) (I bought my hand mixer from home–I am tired of spending a bunch of time trying to make this things with a half broken whisk-WHIPPED CREAM THAT IS) SHHH, DON’T TELL

got yelled at
– I used the wrong plate–it makes such a difference right????, too much mango salsa on the appetizer-this lead to Chef asking if I could follow directions-been a while since I had been called out-maybe since I was 12, off the cuff he says “you will be done soon-THANK GOD”-okay
-then chef cozy’s up to me later on (almost in a bipolar manner)

where the hec is my friend
-on Thursday my usual guy was not there, the lights were dim and the place was cleaned so he must have left a while ago–i am on my own here

restaurant management
-training people, why the hell are they training so many people-it may get busier but really do you need about 6-7 new people
-some new chicks and new dudes-all of a certain ethnicity–just an observation as it has nothing to do with me
-I get it “emergency staff”

who’s ur bi….h
-weird run ins with staff who thing i am their buddy and pal–that is all i will say about it

who am i
-really, some guy needed to point out who he was to me, then said good luck in your pursuits and then fluttered away, exact words, “i was here last night, I am a….’s brother, your boss”
-boy he has no idea that i don’t give a rats a— who he is, dont name drop to me and to point out specifically in a not nice tone,really, really now
(what would make a person say that)

finally made the salads okay–
-well when it is not busy it is better, i hope i fare well my last week so I can leave on a good note
-i was even asked to come in on Sunday to help with two parties–well i could not so oh well

still “cheating” says one employee
–yeah chick, still trying to memorize salad combinations
–why can’t i still look if i have time
–if we were busier then i may have memorized them all by now

One more adventure!!!


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