Week 9 Internship SLOOOWWW

Can you say drag.

What a drag! Even the chef commented that the restaurant should not have been open.(Saturday after Thanksgiving) To open the restaurant, the ball park figure for a day is about 2000. We only had 11 covers while I was there. It picked up by about 4:45 and then the total was about 15. So you see, it may have not been worth it to open.

A strange thing has been occurring as well. I have been seeing new staff. I would say that I have seen at least 6/7 new people. It just crept up on me. I do not spend that much more time there and I am not sure where these people are coming from and why they are necessary. At one point one of the managers asked why there were more staff members on the floor than customers.

For a place that is not packed to the rims and busy as hec, there are a lot of people. Not to mention, the person who takes (does not take) a daily inventory does a funky job of it. When I got there on Friday there were no sauces made and then on Saturday they made one or two. It was weird.

So I have two more weeks hopefully. I am both sad and glad to go. Sad because you become accustomed to being somewhere and you know what you need to do you work-even if you do not always have the materials/support. Glad because change is good. New chef, more professional atmosphere, more accountability, busier, staff that knows the boundaries, and overall need to just be in a place where I can be more often, learn, enjoy being there and be able to network.

Ciao for now. I am not sad. I have been playing in my kitchen trying out dishes and making them my own.
Slowly but surely I will get there.


One thought on “Week 9 Internship SLOOOWWW

  1. Hi Tarril, Well you got through a major holiday weekend so kudos to you. You’re going on a wonderful journey. I’m looking forward to knowing what your next experience will be like.

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