Week 8 Internship-Faster/tired/amateur

So this weekend was all kinds of things wrapped up into one.

First lets mull over the food situation–I was not offered lunch.
Second, they were really excited to put a Porterhouse on the menu-first time I think. It was like witnessing a new restaurant who is in trial and”error-ing” mode. They were so excited about this. It was like amateurs. They used a group salad plate and the chef was so excited to tell me. (boy he has no idea what impresses me)

This weekend was rough. I worked Thurs and Fri from 5 till 11 and then Saturday from 9 to 8. My feet were dying and I was just exhausted. I got home and my body was in shock. I tried to do email and I tried to watch tv–no luck. I crashed and woke up the next morning only to be in the kitchen again.

I would give myself 78% this week. I messed up two salads and almost caused mayhem. One I did a little as the waitress as not used to the salad so when the chef prepared it she asked if this was the way it went out. Such a pivotal position that I have. I am the envy of no one.

For some reason while we were in down time Chef wanted to talk to me about random things: what I do at the hospital, is the pay good, his telephone (gmfb). He mentioned that other chefs are not so nice or something–I already had that experience so this was just small talk to me. Don’t worry, Chef, I just have a few more precious days and then I am done. ( I mentioned to him that they usually do not even know your name.)

I was hungry when I left. Earlier in the day, the seasoned waitresses asked me if I wanted to share some of their fries. That was nice of them, considering no one else offered me food or at least a turkey sandwich etc. I am all good with bread and cheese with a tomato.

I raise my glass to another week that was partially conquered. Next week the restaurant is closed on Thursday so a day off–a break. It just means that on Friday I have to be stellar and there will be nothing prepared, AND anything prepared on Wednesday may not be so good anymore so I have to fix that.

So I hope you have excellent food and I am relaxing for the next 4 days.

“Mangiare felice”


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