hot, flavored and hot temperature
we were coughing like dogs previously and the cold was beating us

after I had the spicy shrimp, keema naan (lamb naan) and the chicken soup Indian style it was like an infusion of relief
my chest was clear, my nose had run a bit, and my tongue was titillating–it was wild

i felt so satisfied–not full like when you hit a chain restaurant and you stuff yourself mad, that just hurts but never gives the satisfying feeling

the food was good and the atmosphere was calming
the only thing that could have been nicer were the bathrooms–the sink area needed a redo and the stall separators were school style-and kind of narrow–good luck big people

i had a pleasant experience
i wanted hot food
it was a different experience than we had at Bistro Rollin, a local “French Bistro” restaurant, that we ate at on Tuesday past, the food was okay but when it came out, it was not that hot

so when looking for a place to eat, i therefore had passed up the pizza and the applebees and the TGIFs, i wanted soup and warm food, so Indian was the key
we got soup, and hot/piping everything
who could ask for anything more
i would give it an 8.

happy eating


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