Week 7–where’s my food

chick asks about food (have to beg for food)
skinny chicks asking about food (where do they put it)
little man stuffing themselves with food (where does he put it)
big men stuffing themselves with food (stop putting it)
no food for the weary (so what happened to the rest of us)
i have others complaining they are hungry so that gives them the liberty to take what I am working on–with

chef yells about whip cream
make more whip cream
retarded tools to make whip cream

as usual the usual suspects steal what i make

whip cream made over–forgot the sugar
whip cream made with the wrong sugar
whip cream made with powdered sugar

brother and sister fighting (waitress and pizza man shouting back and forth down the stairs-all we could do was grin)

who has been hitting the bottle–leaving that one alone

how to make a sandwich (so i need the list to help me remember the ingredients-chef called me on that)

where the f are my knives–told not to bring, brought it, now left it–man i hope i see them again
(people value knives even those they know are not their own)

cakes galore- i must work at a bakery

milk in the avocado-hilarious, i saw chef do it to preserve the cut avocado whilst he travelled to a party–so i did it to preserve overnight—when i came back i got the looks and then the question–i admitted and well he said i put too much milk–maybe, he said it was soggy–LMFAO

tres leches n flan n possibly banana choc cake–new menu items, someone wolfed down 2 in the day, what a big “taste “that was

broke whisk while making whipped cream, whisk fixed-found out that this is whisk # 12 LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Ciao for now. Anyone for some whipped cream?


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