Week 6 Externship-All Hell Breaks Loose

Here is the run down.
Boy you could never have called it.

Thursday-a minor flood in the basement, 3 drains open up–smelled like ass. They had to clean it. I was a little worried but since nothing is stored on the floor it was okay.

Friday-unlike Thursday, was busy and in some way I was not prepared. As I come after work I have to do the prep right before I go to the station. When that happens I have little time to get all ready. I had to deal with ice cream that was almost melted, then I had to make a few salads and I had no good avocados. Well I spilled the ice cream on the floor and later when tidying up inside the fridge I knocked down the tuna–raw tuna that is. So there was 10 bucks in the garbage.

Saturday–met the owner of the two restaurants, he rolls his sleeves up and helps me with a task, then he goes on a rampage to audit everything that the other people manage: add ice to the fish/shellfish, replace some containers, ask about the open meat.

On Saturday evening I realized they were having a party. As the chef reiterated, leave by 6pm. He also realized that I would not be there in the night for the party. I can stay but man I am done by the time 5 6 7 comes. I can’t imagine staying till 1am from 9am in the morning.

I asked chef to let me go to the to other restaurant. In retrospect I think not. I was not even up to top billings yet and I want to move to a faster, more political, busier place. What am I thinking? I take it back. It would have served to get a different experience and also to cut my hours but I would be the pity case.

Let the adventures continue.


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