Week 5 Externship–what’s a matta wit u

so the highlights

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Yeah we had a waitress come in looking like that and she was all about that as well. The guys liked to ask, where is Diego? She went from dirty blond Caucasian to sun cooked Guatemalan.

I got to make a dressing that we use for the empanadas. It is made with Guava paste, coconut milk, and chipotle peppers. It is all blended and with the right combination we get a cool dip. Now I have to figure out where to use that dip at home.

Oh so there was a big and small deal made about some whipped cream. I was making the whipped cream and looking for the whisk. I started to make it, though a little unsure of if there was anything else I have to add to the HEAVY CREAM so that I could get WHIPPED CREAM. (BIG dahhhhhh MOMENT). Then I realized that the whisk I found was clearly way to big for this small job–it was as long as my arm and then had a 4 inch handle. So, I found a small whisk. It was almost laughable compared to what I was using before. The chef came to put his 5 cents in and stated that I should use the large one as it would take me forever with the smaller one. Well I had already started to get whip with the smaller one and figured I was almost there. The chef told me, “lets see how long it takes you Roberts”. Well there is nothing like a challenge. Even a bystander asked why I was not using an electric mixer!! So in five minutes I had it. Thanks to my ability to stir with my left hand. WHIPPED CREAM B——ES. (I used an 11 inch blender attachment and the alternative was a 24 inch French “whip”.)24" French Whip

It was a slow day on Saturday. It was almost hard as I had to keep myself busy. You cannot really stand around as you are in the open and sitting is not even an option.

A chef from the other establishment was observing. He was asking lots of questions: asking about the people while assisting the chef in the line. Chef was more than happy to entertain/enlighten him. The regular line guys would not arrive till later. I even asked him questions. It passed the time away and I found out a little about him and the place he runs. He mentioned the economy as a reason for his move up North.

Later in the night I thought one of the cooks was going to smother me. He took the balance of fruit that was cut for a party–a whole half a cantaloupe. He is a towering guy, but dang man. When I called him on it he was like “what you have to say”-across the kitchen mind you. (I am sure he was thinking -mind your business.) I realized I just have to do my work and not bother about anyone else. I was part kidding in a way but he was getting serious I think.

I also got scolded and I felt like an idiot. I was in my own world cutting tomatoes and forgot that I needed to concasse them. Well, I am in the habit at home of using all of the tomato but here, we only want the skin part. I had started to cut tomato like an amateur, keeping all the insides in, and the chef called me out. I quickly recovered. Oh and there was the sausage affair. I knew the right way, did it for a while and then switched back to random cutting. Chef took the knife and began to cut. He must have been like-what kind of school did you attend? It is more of forgetfulness rather than laziness. I need to eat more brain food in the mornings.


I must mention again that in any other place I would have to be much more on the ball. There would be no hand holding and I would not speak to anyone but the other peons and then the dishwashers. I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Until next week! Keep hope alive!


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