Week 4 Internship-Tales of the kitchen

Here are the highlights and I took a few pics as well. (it is long so get comfortable please)

my assignment-

So what did I get stuck doing on Thursday–cleaning the shrimp and watching the lobster. (yeah, as I cleaned the shrimp a lobster stared at me from the plate)
The chef asked me to clean it and then said, well we need it right now. LOL LOL
Business was slow but there was enough going on to keep me busy.

There was the pen issue-cook # two asked to borrow a pen. I am very particular and possessive about my things. So I actually gave him a pen that the chef gave to me in exchange for one he took from me, when I solidified my internship. He took my metal college pen-heavy like a mug, so I was surprised when he just grabbed it from the table.

There was the skeleton crew. For the last few weeks, the eagle/undercover manager/cleaner/go to guy had been saying that it was ridiculous that there were so many people there on a Saturday morning when it was not busy. Mind you, if people are there you have to pay them. That is the beauty of me. I also ate a lot this past week. I tried to sample a tiny bite of all–since eating on the job, except when the time is announced, is no really cool. We also touch food all the time.

There was the order mishap-because it was not busy and with the skeleton crew we were all downstairs taking care of various things. A few tickets came through–one was for a skirt steak, which I can do half but need the cooks to make the meat. Then later there were the 3 salads that came in and then a split order of a milk shake and creme brulee. Well let’s just say that the chef called the priority. Also it let me off the hook a little so I kind of felt bad but really there were essentially 5 orders and all were due 5 minutes ago. Three of us jumped in and handled it. The waitress in the middle of all of this got told what she could so with herself. I apologized later as it was all around me in a way-my fault or not.

On Friday there was the -blondes don’t have more fun moment.
Well apparently one of the bartenders made two mistakes back to back and so the manager guy with the special ears told the other manager to dock it from her pay. He was not having it. She tried to reason with him later, but he won.

On Saturday there was the pressure to get paid–never had I felt such at odds with someone who is forcing money down my throat (forcing money at me sounds nicer- as the chef is a man). At other times we are like buddies. I just have to do my stuff correctly so he does not have a reason to be upset. Oh well I almost got him upset. I was cleaning up and he had not finished his milkshake. The first cook told me, “oh no, that was chef’s.” Man I felt small. I went and got it off of the dishwasher counter and put it back on the prep counter. He muttered in the back “I don’t want it no more.” I was actually laughing. It was like the little brother I never had.

I also got the chance to make the plantain chips using the slicer and the fryer. I used the fryer before to make the banana spring rolls. I made the tortilla chips–correction, I cut up all the tortillas for the first cook to fry them. I also did however make the guacamole. I had some assistance.

Then they started with the Oui Chef nonsense. The chef then took it a step further and called me Chef Roberts. I always show a puzzling face when he does that. Then he asks-what, why you laugh. I only laugh because I am in an atypical restaurant. Believe me when I tell you, in a NYC restaurant the chef never talks to you. It just does not happen–unless of course you are his protege.

I witnessed my first fried ice cream dessert and then my fried cream cheese cake dessert. Frying makes the world go around.

Until next time.
Get out of your comfort zone, make an ass of yourself, make a mistake, own up to it, and make your peace.


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