Delicatessen Restaurant (NYC)

So on Tuesday I went out to dinner with my sister. We were catching up on job stuff and life stuff. As I have been out the city for a while and I do not usually keep track of the places I pass for future reference we spent a while looking for a place to dine. We also were in an areas where there were few and far between selections of restaurants. We even looked online, but my sister I were unsuccessful.

We passed up pizza, bar food, rice pudding, weird food, expensive food and random food. We finally settled on a place called Delicatessen. It was long and along two walls it was glass. The longest wall had glass garage doors. Alfresco in the summer will be possible with this place. The inside back wall had wood, light in color. The bar was white, like a futuristic scene and then the floor was white and the tables were white. The legs were silver so that broke up the space. The doors/glass was grey. The lights were very dim but enough that you could see the people. It was just relaxing enough that you could lay down on the sofa chair and sleep.

I wanted to eat something but was not sure what I wanted. I wanted something light but then I did not want to order something really fatty. So I ordered the gnocchi with duck confit and mushrooms. I got a side order of French green beans. My sister ordered fries with truffle oil and an order of calamari. My my pasta and duck dish was light and had a simple taste. It was a little on the cold side but okay. My string beans were excellent. I added a little spritz of salt and black pepper but it was cooked to the right tenderness. My sister ate all of her calamari. The fries had Parmesan cheese and some herbs on it. One could definitely taste the truffle oil.

On overall experience, I would say a 5.5. It was okay. Nothing really stood out but it was not horrible. It is on the list of random places to eat when you just cannot find anything else and you don’t want to pay Balthazar prices. 🙂

Upstairs was a normal eating and cocktail bar. Downstairs in the corner was a little pub where the volume was up a few decibels-hence they were stuck in the basement. You could not hear them at all from the restaurant. It was downstairs and to the back, bounded by large walls.

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