what to do what to do

at the risk of sounding ungrateful i have to complain about something
here we go!!!
So I am immensely bored at work, so much in fact that I am willing to walk away. I was all set to do work and really pass the time away so that I can have my other time to work on my food pursuits. There has also been some funny business at work as well. No training, lack of tasks/work!!

So do I take a food job or try to find a corporate food industry position-which is more exciting and more in line with my goals?? Do I take a second pay cut and work more hours-being overrun with kitchen experience? or Do I spend months looking for a computer job and wait this thing out for as long as it takes? I am supposed to work in a certain area and replace a colleague but no information has been forthcoming on that front which worries me. Three months is a long time. I could be speaking Kindergarten Spanish by now, using rosetta stone.

So until they tell me, I am busily seeking out food work. I try to do all: read, follow blogs, collect recipes (funny thing is I do not necessarily read them).



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