Week 3 Externship-Take on the heat.

Burned croutons-so I was multi tasking and well I totally forgot the bread in the oven. Then I saw the trail of smoke rising from the tray as one of the guys took it out of the oven. They panicked like they had never seen a smoking tray. All you have to do it put it in the water and it stops. 🙂

I got a chance to make a turkey wrap on the second try for that day. On the first try I left the bread on the grill. This time there was no need for multitasking. The bread gets lightly warmed first then the items get added.

The minute you go out of the room the register rings in a bunch of orders, so the scramble is on.

I was yelled at for not putting the cakes in the oven/microwave. That was hilarious. I just did not remember.
Later as I was about to leave and was changing in the back room in the basement one of the prep guys walks in–so random. Of all places, what the hell was he doing back there.

In the afternoon chef comes with an order, so everyone is running around like mad scrambling to fill the order
I was tasked with making the tuna in the raw. I had shitty tuna though. I cut it up and the white stuff (equivalent of silver skin) was in it. Common sense would tell me that the white stuff is a little hard to eat but I figured that there was enough regular meat that it would be okay. The chef told me that it was crap and he secured a more suitable piece of tuna right out of cook # 1s station. 🙂

Pet Pieve remark
I am still a little weirded out that they have not purchased strawberries. It is so unprofessional to send out grapes with chocolate cake–who does that? I would much rather even send out maybe an orange slice for the contrast in color or send nothing at all. Luckily for us someone did not order strawberries with their dessert.

At the end of my day I left them and I felt like I was leaving them with the work, but I get there, do my work, help out and try to learn as much as I can, so I cannot really feel bad.

No shrimp this week.

I checked out the ribs and saw that though a party guests had left them behind, the management was planning to somehow get the left over ribs to them. Wow that is a lot of effort. Put more effort into making the dishes and purchasing is my advice.

Ciao my foodies.


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