Week 2 externship-Shrimp Fest

Can we say shrimp.

I made coconut shrimp twice in this week.
The first was what I found out later to be the quick method, flour, egg then coconut.
The real way is to make a tempura batter, dip shrimp in flour, then in tempura and then into the coconut flakes.
I must admit that the shrimp smells better than and is easier to clean up than flank steak or chicken (actually I don’t even mind that) What I dislike playing with is fish. What I know I will have to do soon is catfish (maybe not at this place but in the future). Those little buggers look funky. Also dismembering lobsters is not the most soothing of activities. The guys at the restaurant are a little less refined: dirty knives all over the place and they leave the floor a tad grimy for me. It is not that bad it is just that we are so used to the yelling–clean you area, some go to the pot sink, on top of the table, bottom of the table, side of the table. (Chef C.)

In the evening on Friday all I could think was oh my goodness-where have the guys gone. I arrived and they bailed. I began to study the menu and I was lucky that it was not too busy so I was able to get assistance. I have to find a place to put the plates–I am too short and there is not step. One day I may pull down all the dishes, and then I will walk out gracefully.

After work I went to Hagen Daaz and got a Brownie Sundae–I was craving it at work as a few people walked by with is a few times after we prepared it.

On Saturday I cut meat for ribs. At first I thought I was doing it wrong, it was just Chef lending his weight to the situation and pushing the larger knife. I feel more comfortable with a knife that is not the size of my leg, personally.

I also made the sandwiches by myself-well with much guidance from one of the line cooks. Yeah, it was 11 in the morning and an order came in.

So I left tired and was glad that it was a holiday weekend.

Going to get some sleep.


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