Freelance Catering Server-Sept 12

So now is the time right. I went through high school, college and beyond and now I decide to be a waitress. Most people do this stuff on the side to earn money. I am doing it on the side to gain experience and to continue to be humble. Someone once said that you are a servant (in this business) and basically of service to others, and not like a lawyer provides a service but the type of service where no one gives a crack you. “just serve me.” In terms of camaraderie, it is every man for himself; you can be beat out by those who have less formal training than you and are willing to sweat it out longer than you. The only good part is when you make friends, they are your friends for life, in a way. You always know someone who knows someone.

So my event was in Brooklyn by the water and was an ethnic event. I am not going to bash anyone but 8pm it really 845pm in some circles. I must admit I usually arrive late but this time I was early, like I was waiting for money. I make my interviews but for other things, I am usually hustling to be there.

Here are my comments:
the boss is always right
do not cross contaminate
always double-check the action someone needs you to perform (it never hurts to be sure)
try to anticipate conditions
like: no sink, no garbage cans, no clean up crew, no light, no fresh air, no cool air
be weary of late events
8 means 9 means 10, after 10 means anytime till the end
always smile like you are a country club hosts
never let anyone belittle the staff
is it weird when an event is catered by two people
always arrive early and if possible be early enough to scope out the area around the place

Making extra cash in my free time is always an option.

Time On My Hand


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