Hors d’oeuvres take 2 (class 50)

Day two of ultimate slowness. The thing is, I was 95% complete and I drew it out. I ended up being the 3rd to last person to plate. WTF. I can’t have public opinion of me wane. Even the slowest person beat me. (My head is buried in hand at moment.)

Here are my mistakes:

I got all my stuff to go and the teacher changed things a tiny bit. Then I put the dough in the fridge-okay so not really supposed to put in fridge. It was supposed to be in a warm place (if I wanted my dough to rise today.) I cut chives, two bunches-why oh why. I am not sure. In the end I really only needed a table-spoon, 1/2 of the recipe. Then I started with my dish and the chef helped. While I waited for my dough to rise in the sun-the correct place-I helped a team-mate chop some stuff. I reminded him of the sauce he had to make. Then I tidied. I started to cook what amounted to buckwheat pancakes. I HAD TIME. Then I am not sure what happened but I had 37 minutes to go, doable. I started plating but sought out a non chipped tray. In the end it still took me a little longer to plate. First I had to do a dollop of cream, then top with a little bit of caviar, then sprinkle chives. Remember I did 2 bunches. As usual, the garnishes like that usually go unused.

In the end I made it to the table 2 minutes after one of my teammates. Well he would have made it sooner but a pot of water was boiling for the longest time and most people were using other cooking methods and so I asked another kid and then I turned it off. I am not sure if we yelled out, “who is using water”, OOPs. We did not even remember that our teammate had not finished. He was ahead of us before but we remembered after the incident that he needed boiling water and lots of it, to boil his shu mai.

I guess I have been out of the loop of planning, scheduling, and prioritizing since leaving years of meeting/event planning. I should be able to manage this stuff. It is just following directions.

Each new time is a time to be better.
Like me, try to grow from your ways. My empanadas were good but the way-just late.



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