Hors d’oeuvres-take 1 (class 49)

I have graduated to the slowest person in class. Here is how it happened. I often have to clean, sometimes have to help, or volunteer to assist at the pot sink for things that should be managed by the people who put them there. Then I over estimate how much time I have and slightly under estimate how much time my finishing up will take.

Dead last. My empanadas, really I think I could have duplicated at home in a short time. I still had them in the oven and the teacher was going over the dishes presented on the table. If I ever wanted to cry, it was then. My own embarrassment. (here is a picture of my friend mutilating my empanadas after class-fruits of my labor)

mini empanadas-2 bites at most

I was already frustrated and then I called my friend and also my boy friend who was hanging out with her. There was no answer. WTF. So when I found them where I had entered the park, I was almost fuming. I shared my snacks with them and they were glad to have some of my deep fried platter.

deep fried platter half gone

To friends! May they love and support you in all your endeavors. (both cooking and eating)


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