Practical and Market Basket II (class 48)

spinach gnocchi with a mushroom sauce, vichy carrots and veal rib

Rib of Veal-large piece
Spinach Gnocchi

well i can run you around the world with stories and also my team is like the A team–we still keep on trucking no matter what adversity jumps in our way

lets just say the teacher yelled a lot-he yelled at any and everyone
he gave us a good spanking verbally-it was funny most of the times.

In the evening we did our practical.
Here is what we did:
a lot of mincing and dicing
we then fabricated a chicken using the various pieces for various things
1) we made a braise with a leg, thigh and wing
2) we made a grilled pillard (pounded breast)
3) we pan-fried a breast with a pan sauce
The rest we stored for another class.

(insert this link into your browser)”>

We were done by about 4:30 but it took us a little to clean up so we were not done till about 5 ish.

I am tired. It is funny how a non book focused academic activity can really tax your brain.

Till next time–if you want the gnocchi recipe, let me know. I made it about for 3 meals so far.

Happy food time.


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