Market Basket-I esplain you my frey (class 47)

A room filled with food

Chef says-“go outside and when you come back there will be things there for you”, to us

Our table got a lobster, lamb shank, mussels, clams, and salmon. The assignment was to make a complete dish-protein, veggie and starch. We could use anything in the classroom and in two carts stashed in the back hallway.
Here is what I did.

Yam circles and crisps as my starch
Sautéed salmon covered with thinly sliced yam circles as protein
Strips of peppers, zucchini, and carrots sautéed as my veggie

Here is the drama.
Well, when faced with many choices and having to kind of invent a dish, I was like well what can I cook that goes together and what techniques can I use? It is funny, we learned all these techniques but I did not even think to use most of them. I seem to have forgotten how to puree, make a soup, braise. I am so serious–forgot like, have to pull it out of the brain closet. Then I made my fish, which had some sugar from the yams. Well I tried to turn it and then I sort of stopped and also forgot the color I was aiming for. At the end it was slightly dark. Our class room guest got to witness that. When I was preparing it she looked along with curiosity. My additional yam circles were too little for a veggie portion so I quickly boiled some more and put into the oven. My veggies sautéed were good. In the end only the salmon was a little dark. My dish was shades of orange–red peppers, yams, salmon, carrots–I had a sliver of green in the zucchini. Chef commented on that. Next time we will hit the mark.

In the morning we had done knife skills. We minced shallots, garlic and parsley, diced onions, celery carrots, potatoes and peppers, made supremes of oranges, tourne’d potatoes (long diamond shapes) etc. It was a field day for concentration and our knives.

Market Basket was fun but nerve-racking for me, as I could not readily come up with a recipe and at least till halfway through I was still deliberating how to finish and up till the end I did additional prep.

Well we have another day of that tomorrow. YAAAYYYYY.

I am sure there are many people out there who would like a market basket moment.

Till then!


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