Trailing at JOJO–64th Street NYC

I visited this place while still working in Manhattan, a few blocks away. I simply called, made an appointment, was absent during lunch, and went to meet the chef. Thanks goodness for flexible lunch hours. I met him around 3ish. Here is what I thought about the place.

I have decided to try another approach to keep things interesting.

1) quiet
2) small
3) oldish
4) no connection to the kitchen
5) black chef in addition to head chef
6) abla espanol anyone
7) patience is a virtue
8) small spaces can be fun
9) one room school house
10) classy restaurant, kind of dark but definitely bistro -ish (downstairs at least) upstairs dining room made me feel like I was in a formal house–fun feeling, since I like that kind of decor
11) family meal–thumbs up, I like this (i have a tale about another place)
12) have the externship, checking around for closer to home and larger place–but in end have this one

definitely not knocking this place as it is now familiar–i have to admit i have learned about so many more restaurants while a student–i feel like i need to try them all out–but the real fun would be recreating those meals at home for the discerning eater.

till then–happy trails

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