Trailing at David Burke Town House-July 13

Wow. What a night! I am exhausted. I worked a full day and then worked in the kitchen from 5:30 or so till about 11pm. I am your superwoman–get is right. Personalities galore and then personalities that emerged towards the end of shift.

I accidentally ended up in this kitchen as I was actually trailing for a job, not an externship. They had no idea that the day before I had accepted a position. I am glad I said yes. I did not get this kitchen job.

I worked with the garde manger chick who was from CIA–yup the big dogs school. I used this as a way to get experience in a kitchen. It could not hurt. It also lets you see restaurants production and you now know if you would tell your friends to dine there. 🙂 It was rather funny because at work they spoke about this place but I dare not let on what I already knew.

Here is what I learned.
1) what/who pushes out the food ( a loud foreman type of guy) (how does one get that job as there is no actual cooking involved but you have to know about cooking)
2) what are the pressures (the chick I worked with was under the gun to clean a whole bowl of cray fish–I started to help her and realized I had to be out for my own job in the morning. man I am glad I was not her at that minute and the kitchen manager was like, “so when can I have it”)
3) what are the realities (there are like 20 people in my living room space, including ovens, fridges, storage areas, dishwashers and dish stations, the owner can stroll through whenever)
4) who yells and screams (the foreman and people saying “behind”, hot pan, pickup, is my meat ready”)
5) who has the toughest job (the dishwasher and the cooks over the heat–there was some additional flavor to the pastas and steaks–you did not hear it from me)

Ciao for now–stay out of the kitchen if you can’t handle the heat, closeness, or the people. Other than that, feel free to linger in any free space you can find. 🙂


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