Mexico -Olah Foodies (Class 46)

wow, so you will enjoy this–we certainly did.

rude awakening number 103–so we have our fave Chef–yay. We do not dislike other chefs, we just like the reality that our fave chef brings.

Here was a partial list of the meals prepared:

moles sauces (with green beans and chayote and then with turkey)
tomales (yum, meat and fish)
a bunch of variations of rice
chx w avocado
achiote chx (great)
chx w pumpkin seed sauce (green sauce)
Sopas (yummy-i loved these)

Man it was a long and busy day. Lunch was most excellent as this was only in the morning. We did not even get to the evening.

In the evening we had the following:
Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
Lobster Ravioli (yummy, I took the spinach leaves they rested on.)
Lamp Chops with lemon confit and pignoli crust
Sea Scallops layered with spinach and truffles, enclosed in a bell shaped pastry–to die for
Rabbit Casserole
Aoupe au Pistou (pesto soup–did not taste this, it was green after all. Actually green anything natural is good for you.

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