Where is our Chef?, Class 45

So we had Chef Pretty Boy-blast from the past. I was like–oh well, so the rumor about us having a certain chef was shatterd-life will go on.

So we had been off the week before. The previous weekend I trailed at Cafe Boulud–did not get it. I kind of knew when the chef/demi – chef was like, oh you can go if you like. He was actually saying –don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

So back to class–we had groups and groups we did. An email was sent around soliciting members and actually before then the groups were already chosen. It was like some secret society stuff. No worries, diversity with out the adversity is okay. I like my team as it is a healthy challenge to keep it all together. I was group leader and that was tough but I feel it is the real world–motivate, encourage, assist–you are a team after all and you inevitably have to work to the best of the team.

Team work bites some times. I like I in team sometimes.

Till then–work well with your colleagues, then throw a pie in their face, you will feel better.


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