Desserts part due–Class 44

Sunday was a real mishmosh and at times seemed unscripted and disorderly. At first we could not agree if we were supposed to work in teams of 2 or our two teams, black and red. After much banter back and forth, we noticed that some people had already begun to prep as if in teams of two so we just did what was left over: cut fruit and temper chocolate (melt it down so you can re-mold it, basically). Then we started piping–disaster. If it is too thin and not in a mesh shape it breaks when you try to lift it off of the parchment paper. I broke several cars, houses and random shapes. Oh yes, I was having fun as well in between serious shapes. The guy next to me was even piping hearts. What are we in grade school! 🙂

We got to plate the cheese cake and Panna Cotta. I have to say, the panna cotta looked fun to work with. I only worked with the cheesecake and a fruit tartin. I also made a little fruit tart–similar to the frangipane tarts we made a few weeks ago. The mixture rises to surround the fruit so you can only see the top and it looks like a giant cookie–in a way. I also used some tuiles. We had extra batter. I enjoyed my cheesecake after. It was actually better than the cheesecake I bought out in the past. I am not a cheesecake fanatic but usually like to get it with a thick cookie bottom. We had that in class, so I enjoyed it to the fullest.

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Go out and get yourself some cheesecake. Even better I can send you the recipe. The two cheeses are cream cheese and marscapone cheese. YUMMY when mixed together.

The Cheese is On!

Enjoy the plating picks.


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