Desserts–It was inevitable (Class 43)

What is the best part of making a dessert, EATING IT!!

So the story goes, I had just returned from 4 days in Miami. Some vacations are surreal. I saw big houses with seemingly nice layouts, trees and in the mean time experienced the mandatory gratuity for anything purchased close to the beach. Oh yes, the food bills came with gratuity already included. (My “You have been reviewed section will go into detail.”)

We made a bunch of things. We did phyllo layers, apple/pineapple/plum/banana tartins, bistro apple tarts, biscotti, panna cotta, crepes and cheese cakes. (bistro apple tart-easy to whip up before guest arrive–no joke) We were running our own little bake shop. We were able to plate these with all kinds of garnish, like mango sauce, port wine sauce, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, salted hazelnuts, ice cream, etc.

We also made lemon meringue pies. I spent a while making this meringue, only to throw our 75% of it. It is not like it lasts and you cannot exactly eat it straight, unless you want to crawl the walls like spider man. It is made of whipped egg whites and sugar. No one really ate the meringue pies and the mouse cake desert in a cup-too rich I think. The only fun part about the meringue it seemed was flaming it with the little blow torch. You know that the big torches they have in repair shops is what they use in restaurants-but it is so against the law–a safety hazard. However, you still have the lemon meringue pie and creme Brule on menus. I think they take your dessert out back and flame it. 🙂

BTW -there was some serious team work going on. Our occasionally “cannot be located” chef was oblivious, I did the dough and my class mate from the other team did all the apples. The teacher took a while to comment. He asked why I was basically bossing the other guy around. Little did he know we were already in sync. 🙂 This occurred before. One person would cut all the onions, another the shallots, another the veggies and another work on the meat.

Check out our picks.
(lemon meringue, phyllo layers, bistro apple tart, Zuppla Anglaise, cheesecake molds)

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4 thoughts on “Desserts–It was inevitable (Class 43)

  1. So where do you find good phylo? There is an international food store close by me but the prices are ridiculous!! The guy is Italian and it is like a haven for me who love food!
    Anyway if you plan on opening up a restaurant or pastry shop/cafe let me know in advance so I can fill out my application for employement 😀

    1. I think I will have to send you by mail a batch–scanning is hard now that I am not at my old company. I will see what I can do in the next two weeks in terms of copying them. I think I have you mail but just in case, email me on facebook.

    2. These can be plated. The individual ones (lemon meringue and the cheesecake) can be served in the container you make it in. As or the apple tart, that can just be sliced. I will be able to do next week. I can copy them and then mail them.

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