PIZZA and FLOUR together forever (Class 42)

Was there ever a time you felt inept or that what you chose to do was now the wrong choice?

So how many times can you be an a– when you mix flour. It is almost like the kitchen aid and I are not friends–really. so here is the story. I had to mix flour in the kitchen aid (I will continue to say the name till I become friends with it) and I poured about 1.5 pounds of flour in an the average sized bowl. There is a sliding control and (I just realized it) the bar is on the side. I always move up a notch too quickly and not realizing how much it changed between speeds, I ended up blessing the whole table, myself and the floor. “a true culinary moment”

So the Chef is watching all this commotion.
Well unfortunately this was not the first retard moment-the other was when I was mixing and it seemed not to really be mixing and I guess I was so into the task, but not really thinking about the task and so realized nothing. The chef told me to raise the mixing bowl up—DAAAAHHHHH. The third brain MIA moment was when I grabbed a whole pot of coffee and put it into my mixture. Can I tell you, the recipe called for 2 tablespoons. I put like a cup. Like I said–ever have one of those moments (a few actually) when you feel inept.

What I realized above was that I needed to be on the side of the mixer and watch my hand move the controls-that is all it takes to solve the flour sprinkler problem.

So the task at hand today was to make foccacia

—a fave of mine and then to make some pizza pies. We had to make the quattro formagi and then we made one other pie each-yummy. It is cool to be able to cook your favorite foods. Picture the scenario of being under house arrest–you spend your time preparing your own meals. That was just a thought. I guess only someone who likes to play with food can appreciate that!

Lunch was great–we shared with as many people as we could. The pastry girls were so thankful. We are too when they bring us little treats–and our hips/thighs thank them as well.

my pizza

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the evening was my crazy time when I had to redo two things and then I fell behind the slow guy. Well I was right in front of him, so I might as well be behind him. Then I was washing tons of dishes that were not mine. Only an hour before that the Chef made a long tirade about people cleaning up after themselves and I even scolded a man old enough to be a my grandfather (okay 10 years younger than that).

We made spritz cookies, a very light mixture of ingredients that yielded light cookies. We also made biscotti and marshmallows–just what you thought we would be making. We also did butter nut crunch–we get to try the butter nut crunch and the biscotti tomorrow. We are going to add chocolate to them.

I am tired. I had a long week and it was a long, interesting day. There was a street fair on Lexington avenue today–upper west-well upper midtown–50’s. They are getting daring. Lex is not really residential but still in the uppers–someone got through to bringing the people together.

I hope you enjoy the pics and go out and have a good pizza or make it at home–you can add whatever you like in the privacy of your own home. By the way I had: sauteed mushrooms, red peppers, onions, plus 3 cheeses and pepperoni-a hint of basil at the end. I shared my food with my other half and my cousin. Fun times!!

Each anything flour based today–it will be great.

Enjoy life.


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