Where are my cookies? Let them eat cake. (Class 41)

The cookie episode began the day before. I was behind on making my dough and so was only able to “pipe” 1 tray out. As I was dead tired on Saturday, to the point of falling asleep in front of the Chef and also running around after botching a recipe, I totally missed the part about-SAVE THE LITTLE SHIT COOKIES. I only give it a negative vibe as it is like air. You need to eat about 10 to feel like you ate something. It is a strange feeling. The cookie is so light but it is dense. So I took the dough home. Chef said that we were basically done and that I would not have to time to do anymore. Okay so in that I thought–take the cookies home-we are done with the little shitters. Well when I got to class on Sunday we were to spend 1 hour dipping our little treats. LOL Luckily we did some interesting truffles-rolled in hazelnut and I also had candied orange rind so I got to dip those. We also did marshmallows and biscotti. As a candy we did butter nut crunch–addictive and a promoter of dental visits. Unlike the peanut brittle I get for gifts, this a bit softer and had a pleasant sweetness, the melt in your mouth kind….

So in the evening came the cake. Each team made a few cakes and then I made the buttercream. I cannot even think of the taste. It is like sweetened butter–try taking a butter stick out of the fridge and eating it–that is half of the feeling. The other is the unbelievable thought of ingesting butter and sugar, not as part of a cake. We also did a sheet cake. You simply level off the cake dough in a try and bake.

My cakes apparently were not leveled in the pan so apparently we can fix that with a bread knife and flatten them out. Our next thing is decorating cakes so that involves layered cakes.

Our favorite student was out. He was apparently sick, some people just nodded. I am sure he is kicking himself for missing the petite fours class–all the latitude to finish them as we wanted and then the cakes. The cakes though, at least in this lesson, were straight forward. Next week will be wild times of butter and sugar.

(Pics-truffles rolled in hazel nuts, pecan nut clusters, orange rind dipped in chocolate, marshmallows dipped in chocolate, biscotti w/and w/out chocolate, the un-dipped shit-ter cookies and butter crunch.)

Check out the pics and tell me which would your favorites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eat well ( I did, spaghetti and ragu). Enjoy life–the weather is good, go out and enjoy life.


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