Baking biscuits (class 40 )

Well today started as well. We got in and it took us a while to get started. It is always hard to get back from a vacation. I looked on the list and saw my team mate and then my cleaning partner. (my team mate–lets just say, time was not of the essence) My cleaning partner was from one of my old tables.

So we started playing with yeast. We got a 1/2 an hour chat about what yeast is, how it lives, how it dies and how we can manipulate it. We used compressed yeast and regular yeast you buy in Pathmark, Waldbaums, Stop & Shop, Etc. We made some doughs and spent a while rolling them out and beating them to death so they could become smooth. All the while my teammate was helping but in his own time. The teacher commented “all the short people are kneading”, yes, please tell me why my teammate watched me knead and did not offer to help. I guess a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

So out of those doughs we made pretzels and bagels. If anyone else has ever made their own bagels–HOLLAA. They smell so good coming out of the oven. We used poppy seeds, cinnamon, onions and sesame seeds. I love the freedom to make what I want–sometimes you want a wacky combination and they (the bakery) just doesn’t make that combination. Well if you want the recipe–I can email it to you and you can do what you want.

In the evening we tackled some puff pastry. We also prepped our croissant doughs. Here is a crazy pic of what happens to the dough in the fridge.

New World Cup Finals Football or Dough??

We rolled some stuff out. The Chef had a spillage of butter from the croissant dough. Another student had the same action. I on the other hand vowed to not have a spillage. I rolled it our gently and carefully–NO SPILLAGE.

We made some well known/recognized/liked pastries. Check out the pictures. There was a lot of silliness as we only had on mandatory task–apple strips and then we could do whatever we wanted–no matter how bizarre. I kept it somewhat simple but added some spice. I should have done a hot cheese stick come to think of it.

I made my Palmiers with cinnamon rather than the heaping amount of sugar. Let me break down that for you. You cut out a piece of dough and then you sprinkle about 2 hand fulls of white sugar on top. (I think our Chef did a cup) then you use a rolling pin and roll that sugar in. Then you flip it over and do the same to the other side. Here is the before picture. You end up with a picture like this.

This is a dentist and nutritionists best friend. We snacked on these like there were grapes.

I never thought I would get to make the palmier biscuits. Cool right. I almost felt like a pastry cook.

If you want the recipe for any, please leave a comment. There has to be something you can impress your friends with, even if it tool you 3 hours to make. 🙂


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