Breads–it was like Amy’s Bread (Class 39 )

So the kneading continued. We even made croissants and onion pockets. I have the fortunate injury of tendinitis and about the only exercise that helps is kneading dough.
We made Brioche (the dough we kneaded on Saturday). We made cinnamon buns, pain aux raisins, a sausage loaf, croissants (ham & cheese, chocolate), loaves, and braided breads. Can we say flour and dough mess.

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We had to switch up partners in the afternoon. For some reason I was not on the ball. I made the yeast combination but did not measure the water. I then went to put the dough in the mixer, even though I myself told others that Chef said a bowl. I watched another kid put the dough in the mixer and got nervous so prepared to do the same thing. The Chef must have thought I was truly retarded.

We made these onion pockets which were a disaster. There was one student who was cut happy, with the pizza cutter. He ended up getting 36 pieces instead of 16. This presented a problem as the boxes were too small. We mentioned to him “do like ravioli and pinch the ends tightly and see what happens.” I did not take a picture but you would not believe what happened. His onion pockets stayed shut. Everyone else’s opened up like a book, so the word pocket is wrong to describe what happens. His also got a nice brown color. It was so appetizing and just the right size-like little poppers.

At the end of the day there was a lot of bread packing–as I mentioned before, it was like a full scale bakery. Wild I tell you.

So enjoy the pics, since you cannot taste any of these.
The most fun was the croissants as we had the choice to fill with meat or chocolate. It is nice that a dough is versatile enough to be used for both sweet and savory.

Enjoy your pastries while you enjoy life.
Ciao for now.


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