Frangipane, Pastry, Tarts (class 38)

So sugar was the rule today. I never saw so many guys eat the sweets like little girls. We made a bunch of tarts and pies. We also rolled out pastry dough. In between waiting for the dough to rest, we played with chocolate–we piped chocolate. We first wrote happy birthday and then everyone got happy and started writing their names, in English and other languages. They also drew pictures and wrote funky things. It was like the chance to do graffiti. I likened it to writing on a blackboard in a classroom. Sometimes you just make a mistake and it is glaring. Someone wrote I AM HUNGY (AKA I AM HUNGRY) another person wrote HAPPY BIRD (was supposed to be the start of HAPPY BIRTHDAY.) Hilarious.

I was late on acquiring the skills to do this right. My chocolate ran a muck in the piping paper. Then when I was piping, not enough was coming out to make the letters thick and bubbly and then there were times I ran along the paper so you can see a streak–not cool. Even the teacher had to put his two cents in.

So check out my picks and see all the fun we had today. The chef we had was a sub for our morning chef who had a family function to attend to. Our sub was enthusiastic–our morning chef was a tad quiet and somewhat monotone–but knew his stuff.

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The sub tried to make converts of us, he being a pastry chef and not a ‘culinarian.’ Don’t worry, there is no internal battle between culinary and pastry. We just have different ways of doing things.

So the adventure continues in two weeks. More fun with eggs, flour and sugar-the base for cookies, cakes and pies
Eat up this weekend as I know you will have tarts, pies, cakes and all kinds of fun bad stuff.

Ciao for now.


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