Baking 101-Do Re Me (Class 37)

So lets look at some pictures first. We macerated, grilled, poached, candied, roasted and dried fruits.

I think I put today’s date down on one of the containers, thinking it was tomorrow. I hope they do not throw away our stuff–as that would be a travesty–for real. I would then be the team bozo. Please don’t let me be bozo the clown. I call this lesson fun with fruits–mine (orange rind) was boiled in sugar (soon it will be tossed with sugar), and then my pears were poached in caramel.

My favorite dishes were the grilled curried mango and the figs & pears mixture–that was so delicious. It would go great with a juicy, tasty piece of pork. The texture is crunchy, a little bit juicy, and then soft and chewy (meat). You cannot make this stuff up. I already passed on the recipes to others.

The grilled pineapples were excellent as well. This weekend for the 4th–you can accent your meat with this cool, tangy dish.

Our dishes were filling also–hearty fruit mixed with varying ingredients-sometimes being sugar or salt. You can basically do what you want with fruits.

So go out and enjoy a fruit salad–cooked with cinnamon or mint. Saute some fruit like you would a piece of chicken.

Enjoy life, enjoy food, live well.


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