More of Asian fare-Sushi (Class 36)

We had a quiz before class started and then we moved into our last Asia portion. In the evening we did out practical. That was a hoot and a half. I have pictures of my practice at home too.


We did Sushi. Well I have to say that though there were some sushi fans, there were definitely some NON-SUSHI FANS, me partly included. I have to admit making it was fun for a little while but after the 7th roll, I was read to throw all the pieces in a large wok and make a crazy stir fry. Even my usually marathon like team mates were ready to bow out. We even had some other people come to our table as I think other tables were crowded, so people were shifting a lot and shifting for social reasons. The people who really wanted to work had to find other outlets.

We used rice, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, tofu, Anari pockets, cucumber,avocado, pickled ginger, kampyo, lettuce, radish, crab, tuna and salmon. So not everything could be stir-fried, but you get the idea.

I took a few rolls home.

Check out my practical in my AROUND THE WAY POSTING. (To be published)

Till then, enjoy life, eat well, and try some new things (some).


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