Day 2 Asia, Chinese Food Rules (Class 34)

We used WOKS till we were burning ourselves, dirtying the floor and steaming our faces off-literally. “Ever throw water in a HOT ASS pot–watch the fog thicken.”

One of the dishes today was Stir Fried Green Beans–like a right of passage. We had learned to saute them in a pan with little more than some butter and maybe, maaaybeee some garlic. Here we used the WOK method and added soy sauce, stock, garlic and oil–not in that order of course.
My team did the stir fried clams in black bean sauce and Crisp Velveted Chix (I did this one). Here is what it is: you cover the chicken with a slurry of cornstarch and salt. You drop the pieces in hot oil and let them turn white, then take it out and let it drain. When making stir fry, you add the meat at the end (hence it is par cooked before) and it finishes cooking with the other food.

We also did Red Cooked chicken–aka, cooking with Soy Sauce (RED COOKING). You learn something everyday. 🙂 Lastly we cooked Chinese Cloud Fish. Another team deep fried a fish in a WOK.

In the evening we learned about DASHI (Japanese stock) Miso (our team), Dal, Chinese Velvet Corn and Crab Soup (our team) and Chutneys–I did 2, b/c we had the materials. I volunteered to do a pineapple chutney and then a mango chutney. I also did the Scallion Bread, while another teammate did Chapati, Phulka and Poori.

We were working like little leprechauns today, creating little pots of magic.

I would say try some chutneys–they are excellent off the back off a spoon or accompanying an actual dish.

Enjoy life, eat well.


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