2 days after vacation–where is everyone (class 32)

So the second day. Oh we were up fairly early as we tried to wean ourselves off of our vacation schedule.
Man it was a repeat day. There were two people absent.

Our teammate who was half there the day before was here even less. A slight cut of the hand made it impossible to continue at the normal speed and we had to be careful of gushing blood.

We were so fast , I guess with combined teams (what we resorted to) that around 4 I asked Chef if we could leave early if we cleaned up in a half an hour. Well we were 2 minutes past the time but I think it was an excellent team effort. So we got to leave early and I wanted to try and catch an earlier train–failure. I missed that train. Why is it that when you try hard you always cannot get it.

So we made: Soup, spreads, potato pies, mozzarella cheese (fresh)-I bet you never did that, pork chops, and lamb stew.

I had to take a taste of the mozzarella. I added salt and black pepper to my olive oil also-for my bread also–life has to be more interesting. If I had other seasoning on the table it would have been a wild experience for the bread.

Here are some pictures from the day.

It was a long class but a fun time.

Till next time-enjoy life, eat well.


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