vacation time–well a return from (class 31)

So I was away and that was fun, but on my vacation I started a study sheet so that I could be prepared for my quiz the day after returning. So by the pool, in the bed, on the patio, I prepared my notes. Also, in order to be extra prepared, I go to class early-or at least try. I try to catch an early train but end up being late. So I get to school and two classmates let me know that the quiz was pushed to Sunday–well yay and okay. So I get another night to memorize.

Class was quiet when I arrived. 6 people were out at 9am. Two trickled in a little after. One guy came in on the second half and so there were three still missing. It was a nice change and it allowed for more hands on, as less people were available to do the work, there was ample opportunity for creativity and team work. One person chopped all the onions and another did all the herbs and still others fabricated all the meat so all that was left was to season and cook.

My table was interesting. One person was missing and our second team-mate was a little out of it. It was almost like having only 2.5 people at our table. I was rocking, trying to get my work done. We still pushed out a bunch of dishes.

Here they are

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. I had a good lunch.

In the mean time, eat well, and enjoy life.


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