Pre Memorial Day Cookout 2 (Class 30)

So today was the last bit of France. We were supposed to have our Quiz on this day but the chef said when we come back–the first thing. I was sought of disappointed as I was to go on vacation and that would mean taking my book–that sucks big time. So I had to drag my notes–not to mention my recipes to prepare them in my book–glue, scissors,–tools of the trade. My recipes go in a little pocket sized book for easy reference (or first time reading-sometimes there is no time to read through all 12 plus recipes through out the week) in class.

So we did the famous Beef Bourguignon, some shrimp w/ a rich sauce, some cheese spread and a salad with frisee, poached eggs, and bacon.

I got the shrimp with the rich sauce. That was a hoot. I read the recipe and knew all the parts I would need. At some point, after the teacher rehashed the recipe, I got totally confused. The point in class is not to look like a lost cat but, sometimes that is what happens. I got to a critical step and was like–what am I doing. I had to call the Chef over. His philosophy is that you should not be unfamiliar, as you have time to read the recipe (so they think) and he goes over in class “again”. You should only ask a question that is like a confirmation of the procedure and then the part that is wrong, he will tell you. So essentially he will not explain from the top. TOUGH CROWD I TELL YOU.

In the evening, we busted into ITRALIA–what I used to joking call Italy..DO not worry, each place has a nick name so no place has escaped. Germany was the Germs. French were–Oh La La, We We.

We made ravioli filled with butter nut squash n tossed in a buttery sage sauce (doesn’t that make you hungry, if not excite your sense of smell), trenette with pesto, and my favorite, gnocchi with cherry tomatoes n thyme. Can we say–party over here. I had fun, so much in fact that I signed up to take a recreation class just to make variations of gnocchi, along with my mate. What crazy fun we shall have! LOL LOL
No pasta pics–:(
Oh, no class next week for Memorial Day. It is a little vacation for my hands, brains, and legs. Yay.

So enjoy life, enjoy making pasta and live well. You should always be excited by food.


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