Pre Memorial Day Cook Out 1 (Class 29)

So what happens when I get to school–where are my pants–yeah, where the hec are my pants. I was about to purchase a pair of pants for 30 bucks from the school. A girl who I saw all the time offered to lend me her pants. I was soooo happy.

On this class day, we started off with Cassoulet, some funky chicken -Poulet a la Basquaise), a potato pie with truffles layered in between, and then a salad with water chestnuts, toasted almonds and duck on top.

Cassoulet is for all you bean and beef lovers–seriously. Such a long process. The end product was eh, I thought it was a little dry. I think one other person agreed. When you have breadcrumbs soaking up all the liquid and then beef and beans, the chance of one bean slipping through and getting stuck is there.
We used a layered approach, of navy beans, and stewed beef. At the end of our layering, the other guy and I realized we needed to add the duck. Since there was a mixing process that went on ( ever so often, the top gets broken (traditional French way) and pushed into the bottom and new breadcrumbs are added, so we figured no one would every know where we actually added the duck. The duck “confit” but the way, was really good. I cannot say the same for the Cassoulet. The potato pies were yet another take on our potato dishes. Who knew we could make 12 different potatoes and there is still time to learn more.

In the evening we made a Fish something. The exact name is a Bourride. It like everything but the kitchen sink. (fennel, celery, tomato, garlic, clams, red snapper, mussels, etc etc etc. Check out the photo attached. We also did a Tarte aux Blettes–basically Swiss Chard pie-well that took my teammate a while to make and we did not attack it when it was sampling time. I packed up a piece but at the end I gave it to the stewarding service. I tasted a little piece of the chard and was like–No (in your best French imitation)!! For all you Sardine fans–we did fresh sardines with a large ass sprig of some herb and then we wrapped it in leek leaves. It was something you would see on your ISLAND vacation-as they tried to impress you with local food. I took some home.

My assignment was the Provencal Vegetables (Petis Farcis a la Farcon du Vieux Nice) all that is right! So basically I hollowed out some veggies and cooked their insides with some other ingredients and then stuffed them back up. A little surgery, you can say. LOL LOL, literally. These are great for parties, small, easy to prepare and different. Your guests will adore you.

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in order of appearance: Bourride, Cassoulet (tell me if that is appetizing-in the silver pot), Stuffed Veggies, Chix al la Basquaise, the Truffle pie and then the Sardines. If you want any of the recipes, let me know. BTW the Bourride was okay, and the stuffed veggies.

So as always, enjoy your food, and seek out different ingredients.


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