New Mates, New Regions (Class 28)

Well this was the start of our French Regions. We started in Alsace Lorraine and Brittany regions.
We made a French tart with Bacon, Onions, and Creme Fraiche. It came out like a little pizza.
We tackled Charcroute Garni which is essentially with sausage and sauerkraut. We also did cheese souffle with a mushrooms duxelle, and a rice ring made with lobster sauce.

The pizza was fun as we all got to do our own. We used the past maker and just let it cook and bubble in the oven. The charcroute Garni is your favorite sauerkraut and sausage. If you love and kind of “wurst” this is the dish for you. I was able to make work on this and it is lengthy to make so only make this if you have time.

We also made a potato pie, first the dough into a tart pan, then layers of potatoes, covered by a layer of boiled eggs, then a layer of bacon, creme fraiche, then a layer of potatoes and finally the pie covering. This is the ideal breakfast–all packed together in one. Let me know if you want the recipe–I can scan it to you.

The lobster sauce was mine. I got to handle the lobster from start to end–from selecting one from the pack to serving it on a plate in the middle of a rice ring. The rice ring, though beautiful, was somewhat parboiled. I was so excited to taste the combination but my taste buds did not get its fill. I had some of another team’s rice but decided to just look for something else to eat like bread dipped in the sauce. um um good

We also did trout and spaetlze. The spaetztle was fun as it looked like a pancake batter at the beginning. Then we put little drops of the batter into a pot of boiling water. After, we shocked it in cold water so it did not stick together into one large piece of dough. Later on we cooked the spaetzle in a saute pan and flavored it with reisling. Before I put the reisling in the dish, I have to admit I took a shot in a small cup. I had to see what it tasted like–not too sweet like the others I tasted–a tad bit dry, this one. None the less is was nice a sparkly. 🙂

Try new things. Do as I say not as I do–sometimes I have the face and I don’t want to try somethings. In time that will change. You only have to do it once and know how it is supposed to be cooked and that is all you need.
Enjoy life, try a new food, and eat well!

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