Saturday Class Fun with shapes (class 27)

So this was the last day to be with our old table mates. It was a warm day. We spent a while cooking risotto and if you have experience with Risotto, you know that you cannot walk away and take any kind of “break” or you will find a break in your dish.

Our next dish was roasted top round of lamb, with spaghetti squash and fondant potatoes. I did the fondant potatoes, which is really glazes potatoes–shiny but not from oil. The squash pancakes, really looked like pancakes-I wont tell if you don’t. 🙂

We also made timbales of Spring veggies. It has layers and filled with goat cheese, then squash, zucchini, eggplant and plum tomatoes. It was so pretty to look at. I took two home. I went to my parent’s house so I decided I would leave it there for them to have a taste.

The next dish was beef with beans and a garlic potato pie. The garlic potato pie looked like a pastry and so delicate. I had fun with this dish. Plating is fun. Mr. Smart Chef said that it looked a bit weird–meaning no one will want touch it. Well I say to the restaurant manager overprice it and then push it–the person that orders it will surely eat it–. They will be so thrown by the price and then they will see it and decide they must try it–it will be fun to watch them try to eat it and keep the pretty thought out shape.

I had fun here. It is rare that you are able to play with food.
Pics(lamb w squash pancakes, beef in garlic potato pie, and timbales of veggies)

Take care, enjoy life and always eat well!

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