day two of the Master J (Class 26)

I felt that the day was not filled for some reason.
Maybe we were just jelling for some reason, or rather rocking and a rolling.
We even fitted in a halibut dish–yello. I was proactive and asked the chef when we would do it.

The run down in the morning:
Artic Char with a citrus vinaigrette, salad and some herbs. Of course, as usual, we edit the recipe. I have to get used to writing in the margin, crossing out and highlighting. This is what drove me to photocopy my recipes so there is more space to write, besides the fact that I no longer have to copy recipes daily–like 4 hours or writing for the week–just writing. I like practicing my letters and capital letters.

The fish sat on a bed of frisee and fruits, like lemon, lime and orange pieces. I had the joy of cutting out the little shapes–you want to keep a dodo head busy–give them this task. It amazingly is good practice in doing something right-after you butcher the tenth slice and have sticky hands, you quickly learn how to be better at that.

So far for the classes- all the groups prepped one set of things and shared with the other tables, and we also did it by table where one person prepped each part and then we shared to make individual dishes. It allowed us cooking practice.

We also tackled Sauteed quail with sweetbreads, cranberry sauce and foie gras bread pudding. Well lets see, which one of these is your favorite? I got to stuff the quail with the sweatbreads. We plated this. Pretty!!

Lastly-we did the Venison with Chestnut sauce, Butternut squash and pine nut relish and wild mushroom gratin. We seared the venison and someone else made the squash. Another table made the mushroom pie.

After lunch we did Sea Scallops with grapefruit vinaigrette baby mizuna and tobiko. So what was fun about this dish–well the little roe. They looked like little pink marbles–super tiny-the kind you don’t kids to play with. Then we made a classic mash potato (Mousseline Potatoes/Pommes Mousseline) with grilled poussin and vichy carrots. Chef J, though it would be boring to just put some carrot glazed on a dish–so what did we have to do: we took a melon scoop/Parisian scoop and scooped out carrots. That is right and I have the picture to prove–fun. When we glazed those carrots–it was like heaven in the mouth–not too sweet but the natural sweetness of carrots and a nice medium texture.

The next dish was Beef Short Ribs, Creamy Polenta with garlic and sweet n sour turnips. I made the polenta. This dish was nice and hearty, well at least the meat was. The polenta was like a soft accompaniment but it had color. We added some Kale for green.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the evening some of us stayed to assist at the graduation ceremonies–tame affair where you get to see form whence these people came from (Marilyn Manson woman look alike, typical country club dad, proud as can be parents, spouses not ready to give up the free food, children not ready to reconnect with a parent, pocket books alleviated, proud siblings, hungry jacks, and busy folk.)

We took some things home but we had just left class and there was only so much we could take further.

Well we certainly ate well, and enjoyed life today! What about you? Email for any of the recipes.


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